REDEFINE will be collaborating with Pilot Books:

December 11th, 2010
2:00pm to 6:00pm
Pioneer Place Mall: Place Gallery
Portland, Oregon

REDEFINE magazine and Pilot Books are teaming up to bring you an afternoon of literary readings, music, and a pop-up book shop just in time for the holidays. Come hang out at PLACE gallery in the mall — yes, the mall — for an afternoon celebrating independent press, literature, music, and a lot of anti-stereotypically-“mall” ideals. Readings and tabling by Matty Byloos, Poor Claudia, Zac Fulton, Cate McGehee, Sparkplug Comics, Sarah Galvin, Tom Debeauchamp, and more. REDEFINE-curated musical performances by The Harvey Girls, Rachel Hays, and Silly Rob ChildISH! Plus, get first dibs on a limited edition zine from REDEFINE, featuring works by hydEON, pee gee!, Christopher Davison, Tessa Hulls, Rachel Hays, Eat Cho, and Andrew Wheatley!

Please write us at if you are one of the following people and would like to participate in our event:
1) A musician who would like to perform a short set;
2) A writer who would like to participate in a reading;
3) An artist who would like to contribute to our limited edition zine.

Complete list of participants for the Indie Lit Roadshow are as follows:
Austin, TX – N.A.R.W.A.L.L.
Baltimore, MA – Monumental Genius
Baton Rouge, LA – River Writers
Brooklyn, NY – Birdsong
Chicago, IL – Featherproof
Lawrence, KS – Beecher’s Magazine
New York, NY – Gigantic
Northampton, MA – Flying Object
Portland, OR – Redefine Magazine
Seattle, WA – Pilot Books

(Poster designed by Rachel Hays.)

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