For her 365-day project, illustrator Lisa Congdon certainly picked a unique task. She has decided to put together a collection of one theme a day, ranging from pencils to foreign books, thread to postcards, baggage tags to lichen. And all of it is laid out beautifully — so beautifully, in fact, that she will be publishing a book on the project later this year. PRE-ORDER IT HERE.

Frankly, it is at least slightly crazy, but they really just are such wonderful mini-curations. How can you argue with these pristine displays? White backdrops and everything!

Here’s what she has to say about the project:

“Since I was a young girl, I have been obsessed both with collecting and with arranging, organizing and displaying my collections. This is my attempt to document my collections, both the real and the imagined. Some of my collections are so large that I will need to photograph them separately over several days. I will likely not attempt to photograph collections in which the individual pieces are large in size or awkward in shape (i.e. my art collection or vintage enamel dishware collection). The only rule is that I must photograph or draw a whole or part of a collection each day for 365 days and post the result here on this blog.”

After a quick skim of the site, here are my favorite of the goodies (as I’m wondering to herself… just how big is her house?!!!):

Vintage religious ephemera and prayer cards



Baby doll hands

Vintage food stamps

Congdon will have a show at Assemble Gallery in Seattle in February 2011.