We don’t normally do the “nature photography” thing here on the blog, because — let’s face it — it gets pretty boring sometimes. But now’s as good a time to start showing off some nature shots as any. Unless you’ve been living under a glacier (or not even then these days, I guess), you’ve probably heard of the gnarly volcano that has been erupting in Southeastern Iceland. It’s an amazing opportunity for professional photographers — and much less total amateur photographers from Flickr — to flex their photography muscles and capture the planet literally forming new land mass.

Here are some stunning photographs from everyday folk who are now in Iceland, taking in the unpredictable sights in the land of fire and ice.

Ash greying the white snow, by _Robbi.

An excellent volcanic texture by michel detay.

By Kiddi Kristjáns, who also has an excellent video of the eruption here (by way of helicopter tour)!

By fredrikholm.se. Scope out his volcano slideshow here.

One more shot by Fredrik, taken from aboard a Cessna.

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