No MySpace or self-created online presence? Noise rock spread by word of mouth? Featuring some people fairly notably involved in the scene? Do it.


Olympia-based K Records signees who will make a lot of other SMMR BMMR bands seem like real amateurs with their diversity.

young prisms

Embrace reverb and psychedelic relaxation with these Small Black and Weekend contemporaries.

dead ghosts

Lo-fi, trashy Vancouver rockers who have released an impressive whole slew of well-received material in the past two-and-a-half years.

the intelligence

Purveyors of thrashy pop rock centered around really catchy vocal hooks, angularities, and plenty of dissonance!


Two Seattle gals, Rachel and Shannon, punk rock centered around simple ideas (tracks are titled “Alcohol” and “Marijuana”, for godsakes), but it’s solid.

shannon and the clams

Featuring a sassy frontwoman with retro style, Shannon & The Clams really, really bring something different to the SMMR BMMR lineup.


Californians. Reverb. Gang vocals. Yeah!


A So-Cal trio that sounds really meat-headed at times, but craft some swirling, manic grooves.

indian wars

A pretty varied act on the SMMR BMMR lineup, Indian Wars fall into a garage rock family tree that’s equal parts blues and punk.

guantanamo baywatch

Guantanamo Baywatch help aid a surf rock resurgence with boatloads of charisma and swagger.

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