You’ve probably drawn on styrofoam containers before, or written your name on styrofoam cups a million times, but you’ve probably never done anything like Boey has. What’s more: he creates his cups in a wide array of styles; you would swear that a different individual made all of them, but you’d be wrong.

Tattoo-inspired khünbish.

Jury Duty. According to Boey’s quote on Flickr:

“foam cups shrink under pressure, and they become hard like plastic. thanks to Dave S., an oceanographer
from canada, these cups are able to travel deep down into the artic ocean to become 1/2 the cup they used to be.”

And lastly, check out the stippling on this:

fedor emelianenko, a mixed martial arts fighter.

I should make a mention that his journal is also extremely awesome. You can see it here.