The latest from California-based mathy, spazz-prog masters Tera Melos blends their frenetic brand of technical genius with far more poppy songs and structures. While this might be a turn-off for some die-hard fans, it is not unexpected when looking at the Idioms covers EP that the band released last year. Those fans won’t be disappointed, however, because there is no lack of musical dexterity on this album.


The band released “The Skin Surf” as a single, and it serves as a great point of entry into the record. In the two minutes and fifty six seconds of the track, the listener is taken on an insane rollercoaster ride. All of the finger-tapping guitar licks, fuzzed out bass lines, and tumultuous drumming are there, but along with it, layered vocals, and frontman Nick Reinhart even manages a falsetto.

From here, the album takes more musical turns than a rally car course and demands a large amount of attention from the listener. If you’re willing to devote to Patagonian Rats the fifty minutes of your time it deserves, you will not be disappointed.

Tera Melos – “Frozen Zoo” – DOWNLOAD MP3


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