The first two tracks off The Harvey Girls’ new album, I’ve Been Watching A Lot Of Horror Movies Lately, exemplify what the band does best. A horde of subtle manipulations, unusual samples, and simplistic looped guitar lines greet the listener as the folksy vocals of Hiram Lucke drone on like mantras. The husband-wife duo know how to take successful baseline ideas — like ridiculously ingraining acoustic guitar concepts or fax-like synths — and base entire songs around them, using ever-so-slight production embellishments to keep the listener’s ears occupied.


Listen to “Smile Like Gwynplaine” – DOWNLOAD MP3

The entirety of the album follows suit with that fundamental approach, despite covering vastly different stylistic bases throughout. Hints of new wave, post-punk, folk rock, ambient, and straightforward indie rock all take turns receiving The Harvey Girls treatment. Their insistence on focusing on singular good ideas and their lack of stylistic rigidity makes their eccentric creations feel humble. Nonetheless, I’ve Been Watching A Lot Of Horror Movies Lately does feel a bit fragmented at times due to its lack of stylistic focus, but it is very obvious from the opening track and album single, “The Body Without Any Eyes”, that they embrace — and succeed in creating — peculiarly catchy tunes.


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