We’re going to save you from all of the Valentine’s Day hearts we just posted, and simply go with some good, neutral, non-love-related art.

Lissy Elle‘s most recent works seem to combine fantasy stories and fashion to study the contours of the human body in a fanciful setting. But she’s not all pretty things, either; her older pieces can get quite raw. It seems that she is on a photo-a-day 365-day photo journey, and it’s astounding how far she’s come in that time period. You can go through her Flickr to see the progression.

Below is another recent piece of hers, of which she says:

“My Sunday school teacher once told me when I was little, that she always pictured God as just hands, holding the universe in his palms.”

Stuntkid throws female illustrations into clean, vibrant worlds with gentle linework. Mmm.

Fabulous wood-burning art on paddles, by Onionize.

This is an amazing show poster by Charles Bergquist. It is highly, highly recommended that you visit his website and view his other print works as well as videos of projections he has made.

Photography by Alex MacLean, who takes truly astounding aerial photographs which make us realize we truly underestimate how much we know about our world.

An image by Aurel Schmidt, who doesn’t seem to currently have a website — and frankly, she doesn’t really need one. She’s shown at the Saatchi Gallery, has been featured on Fecal Face, and was at ArtBasel.

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