There’s a lot of crap on Tumblr. Here’s our weekly update that sorts through the crap to bring you the best of the week. (Click here to add us on Tumblr.)

Rodney Smith‘s elegant vintage photographs. He also has 3,000 pieces of stock photography, browsable by keyword! Amazing!

Mario Wagner fuses grungy textures with collage. This piece is Control the World for Sony Playstation / Vice Magazine.

Polish painter Jacek Yerka‘s fantasy worlds are hazardly beautiful.

Jonathan Calugi‘s style seems to give illustrations typographic treatment.

David O’Brien‘s geometric explosions. What’s even better: the explosion is not just mere geometric shapes; it’s fucking little people! Actually, they’re called memes, and they represent singular ideas, symbols, or practices. You can read more about them on O’Brien’s website here. But see below for details:

Mutant HandsPea Stag. Sure, animals are played out, but at least this is a little different from your typical animal drawing.

Naoko Ito‘s Ubiquitous takes the oft-used theme of urban nature and explores it in a new, spatially-challenging way.

Kathy Liao‘s Making Face – Juicy Goodbye (with love) is a huge mixed media on canvas piece, at 70″ x 60″! Holy!

Andre Meca‘s Explosions Of Colors And Shapes is pretty much exactly that.

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