Sign me up for this show! Together Gallery‘s offering for the Last Thursday’s art walk on Alberta tonight has an opening running from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. What is it? Nothing short of FANTASTIC. Including musical performances by BRAINSTORM and ASTROLOGY as well.

hannah stouffer

An L.A.-based artist who explores themes that are much larger than ourselves and capture, in one fell swoop, the darkest and brightest themes in existence (they’re almost metal in that way). Don’t miss these exploding rainbows of creatures and form!!

jay howell

Howell and Stouffer might share similar color palettes, but their works could not be further apart. Howell’s light-hearted illustrations waver between Muppet-like blobs and newspaper comic strip residents. Also: the release of the IDEA BOARD 2 limited edition skateboard, which Howell contributed art for.

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