With his sophomore disc, Into The Great Wide Yonder, Danish musician Anders Trentemøller explores a great wide yonder of dark and powerful proportions. The album single, “Sycamore Feeling”, is a good indicator of Trentemøller’s accomplishments; particularly notable are the smokey vocals of Marie Fisker and the track’s immense moments of waxing and waning. Periods of relaxed downtempo standard give way to driving beats and twangy guitars one might find in a Western film, and all of the elements intermingle with synths to create a sonically dense and enveloping atmosphere.

For the duration of Into The Great Wide Yonder, one gets the impression that the disc is the work of a band — not the construction of a singular talented individual. Blending influences gathered from downtempo, industrial, dub, and countless other genres, Trentemøller heaps layers of rich instrumentation and dynamic songwriting to create a strong, cohesive album. Into The Great Wide Yonder envokes all of the atmosphere of a good movie soundtrack, but with more repeatable qualities.


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