We Who Are Young Are Old is based off of a poem by Dylan Thomas, of the same name. Set against a backdrop of industrial decay, not unlike scenes from Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, it has an immediately alluring aesthetic. Dramatic use of sound effects elicit skin-crawling responses, and when paired with stop-motion reinterpretations of blood, guts, and gore, one is not quite sure whether to feel disgusted or enthralled. The final product, though, is undeniably captivating.

Director: Matt Lambert
Cinematography: Michael Ragen
Styling: Mark Holmes @ SEE Management
Art Direction: Carline Celis
Edit: Peter O’Donovan @ Final Cut, LA
Online and VFX: Gavin Camp @ The Mill, LA
Original Score and Sound Design: Terressa Tate @ Final Cut, NYC
Featuring Burberry, Billy Reid and Robert Geller

We Who Are Young Are Old from Matt Lambert on Vimeo.

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