Beards and mustaches are in, it’s true, but it certainly isn’t everyday that you see beardos and mustachios with such well-kept facial hair as you do at the World Beard & Mustache Championship. And rightly so; these are the best of the best, and the images you see were hand-picked by photographer Dave Mead, just for us. And when Mead isn’t photographing “the weird and unusual,” he is shooting commercial and editorial assignments, including gigs as stage photographer for Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Music Festival.

If you’re in Portland, you can check out this show, Magnificent Specimens, on display right now at Land (3925 North Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR); this show is on display through February 14th, 2011.

Jordan of Cathedral City, CA

Jake of London, England

Karl-Heinz of Berlin, germany

Jeremy of Anchorage, AK

Toot of Tahoe City, CA

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