With Lesser Known, Adventure has made a dance party album for the — forgive the pun — musically unadventurous. Gone are all the hard, edgy beats and the 8-bit bumpy feel from his previous release; everything seems much sleeker and overproduced. This is not the Adventure of the Baltimore Wham City days that it was my pleasure to see live at their Round Robin a few years back. This is Adventure for the new, synthed-out era. Granted, the songs are definitely catchy, especially “Feels Like Heaven” and “Smoke And Mirrors,” despite being ironically (one assumes) over the top — to the point of cheesy, repetitive auto-tuned vocals. “Lights Out” sounds like a pulsing, echoing ‘80s dance jam, but one that you’ve heard before. “Relax the Mind” almost seems like a parody of gothy, post-industrial style, although it’s probably not intended that way. The appeal of this record is not long-lasting unless your tastes are within a narrow spectrum of a specific genre of music. For ADD partiers only!

Adventure “Feels Like Heaven” by carparkrecords

Adventure “Rio” by Carpark Records

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