I’m going to infer a lot of things from Dan Lydersen‘s pop surrealist paintings, so here goes:

1) He must be kind of fun;
2) He must have diverse interests;
3) He must be constantly pushing himself as an artist;
4) McDonald’s must have some significant impact in his mind;
5) I would love to hang out with him.

This image below, in particular, is my favorite piece of art I’ve seen so far in 2011. This bodes well. I am so into this.

I want to feature about a million pieces off of his website, but I am going to refrain and just keep it to thematically-similar pieces (aka, lots of clowns). Visit his website for more, or, if you’re in San Francisco, head to the Jack Fischer Gallery. His works are on display there, through January 22nd, 2011!

Okay, let’s feature some nipply pieces, too…

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