This is the longest Deerhoof-related news post in the history of humanity, maybe! But here goes…

First, let’s get their new tour dates out of the way!

sept 15 – San Francisco, CA – Atrium at SFMOMA (part of Adam Pendleton’s BAND)
sept 20 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall Of Williamsburg
sept 21 – Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live
sept 22 – Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson Theater
sept 23 – Cincinnati, OH – Know Theatre / Midpoint Music Festival
sept 24 – Champaign, IL – Polyvinyl’s 15th Anniversary Party at Pygmalion
sept 25 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
sept 26 – St Louis, MO – Luminary Center For The Arts
sept 28 – Ithaca, NY – The Haunt
sept 29 – Cambridge, MA – The Middle East
oct 1 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club

Here’s a live clip we took from their show last year at Berbati’s Pan in Portland, OR:

Limited to 1200 copies on clear vinyl, WOOM on Hoof is the latest in a series of collaborative 7″s featuring guest vocalists singing self-composed lyrics over a Deerhoof instrumental track.

Side A features SF/NYC-based WOOM (Ba Da Bing) on Deerhoof’s “Must Fight Current.” Side B features the WOOM song “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship” mixed by Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier.

Milk Man will be reissued on Strawberry Vinyl! Get it here.

Threatening yet adorable, beckoning us to who-knows-where, tropical fruits fashionably stabbed into its skin – this is Milk Man!

The concept of Milk Man came from Tokyo artist Ken Kagami, whose sassy cover art is the perfect match to the sly, at times frightening, but irresistibly catchy music contained inside: the Styx ‘n’ Stones magic of the title track, an instant pop classic if there ever was one, undeniable proof of Deerhoof’s extraordinary songwriting gifts; the organ-driven monster mash of “Giga Dance,” whose crazed group interplay sets a new standard for “tension and release”; the otherworldly, borderline operatic, electronica that is “Desaparecere,” Deerhoof’s Spanish-language debut…and that’s just the first three songs! Have we ever heard a band so confidently navigate the extremes of control and chaos, edginess and beauty, profundity and just plain fun?

Deerhoof will be performing Milk Man in its entirety for the first time ever tonight, July 1st, in London at Alexandra Palace. They will joining The Flaming Lips, who will be performing The Soft Bulletin, and Dinosaur Jr., who will be performing Bug.

What else?

Kinshasa Superband is a documentary that is currently in the works, and Deerhoof are a part of it. The film follows the encounter between Konono N°1, Kasai Allstars (both from The Congo) and Deerhoof, Juana Molina, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, and Matt Mehlan from Skeletons.

The project Congotronics Vs. Rockers, which is on tour now, was conceived by Marc Hollander and Vincent Kenis from Crammed Discs in Brussels. The clip includes several interview segments with Deerhoof members, and some footage of the group playing “Super Duper Rescue Heads” from Deerhoof Vs. Evil. Originally inspired by their rework of a Kasai Allstars song for the Tradi-Mods vs Rockers album, this song ended up being seriously congotronized for this project.

Cinematographer : Jean-Paul Vallorani
Sound : Jean-Luc Audy
Directing and editing : Pierre Laffargue

Below, a video excerpt from the premiere show at Cirque Royal, Brussels.
The song is called “Ambulayi Tshaniye”. Its basic structure was created over the internet, when the musicians were sending ideas back and forth between the US, Argentina, Sweden and the Congo.


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