Dignan Porch drummer, Philippa Bloomfield, is the designer behind this strange concoction. The photograph is pulled from the childhood photo albums of Bloomfield’s mother, and it shows her mother in a school play at the age of eleven. The people seem bite-sized, and the degraded film quality hints at passed time.

“The album has a very nostalgic feel to it and I felt it was important to reflect this in the artwork,” says Bloomfield. The photo has bizarre and surrealistic qualities, despite the innocent and straight-forward subject matter. “I think it’s an amazing photo, so many weird things going on; my personal favourite being the girl dressed as a bear (or is it a cow?) on a string, and there appears to be no one in the audience, which is quite eerie.”

Doubling up as both album cover designer and band member, Bloomfield stresses the importance of music and artwork going hand-in-hand. “… Being in the band gives you [an] intimate understanding of the music and lyrics, which I think enables you to create artwork that compliments what the songs are about,” she says.

Bloomfield is also a photographer and artist and has shot a few music videos, including one for the Dignan Porch track, “Game We Made.” See the vido here or more of her work at www.philippabloomfield.com.

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