Tonight, at PLACE in Pioneer Place Mall in Portland, an exciting talk and installation hosted by Grand Detour, with well-known glitch artist, Evan Meaney.

Grand Detour is going back to the mall to present the multi-channel, glitch-happy, science-tastic videos of Evan Meaney, including an installation of his most recent project, the ceibas cycle, at PLACE Gallery in the Settlement at Pioneer Place. The exhibition will run from April 16-30. Meaney will give an artist talk around the issues of his work on Saturday April 23, and follow with a screening of both his own past projects and inspiration from his self-appointed “spirit animal”, Hollis Frampton.

the ceibas cycle is a ten-part, multimedia exploration of ghosts, glitches and the aesthetics of entropy. Begun in 2007 and completed in 2011, the cycle offers technological rupture as an interface exploring geography, testimony, mortality and other hackable systems. Centering on an understanding of archival memory and networked representation, these pieces attempt to redefine viability. For our cyber-organized culture, glitches embody the imperfections that allow for us to be complete. A broken thing presents itself as a dialogue and not simply as a vessel. In this spirit, the ceibas cycle serves as a home for these glitchy reminders, given in all of their complex imperfection, so as to better celebrate our own.

Meaney also created a video for REDEFINE’s Call For Video Art earlier this year, and that video will be up within the month.

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