Digital releases be damned! In sharp contrast to our hyper-digital cover art feature with Anamanaguchi is this hand-packaged CD and vinyl release for Field Days’ Projector. Field Days is the project of Patrick Damphier, solo artist and touring bassist for folk band, The Mynabirds. His debut album, Projector, was recorded through analog means, and to celebrate this lack of digital reliance, Damphier brainstormed a hands-on piece of album artwork to serve as accompaniment.

“The songs on [Projector] were recorded entirely on a cheap [4-track] tape machine in a basement. I thought it would be neato to have the packaging be homemade as well,” explains Damphier.

With the help of Elizabeth Williams, Damphier handscreened the CDs for Projector using a Riso Gocco printer; the vinyls were screenprinted by Andrew Vastagh at Boss Construction and later assembled by Damphier and Williams. Each overall package was individually stamped, stained with multiple colors of Winsor ink in random patterns, and taped together using a variety of Japanese washi tape. Different colors of embroidery floss were then used to assemble them all together.

“From start to finish, each album package [took] about two hours to complete,” reveals Damphier. “We didn’t so much set out to make the process as time-intensive as it became. We mostly just wanted to give people a reason to seek out a physical copy.”

On physical media in a digital age, Damphier comments, “While I appreciate the convenience of digital media, I prefer to look at an actual photograph from a dark room or listen to a vinyl record.”

For now, Damphier has no plans to undergo such a painstaking album packaging process again, but hints that he “may do very small projects similar to this one in the future.”

Below, a video showing detailing the intensive album packaging process, including a track from the album.

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