San Francisco-based artist Justin Lovato creates geometrically-driven works stemming from any number of esoteric influences and symbolism pulled from mathematical, pattern-based sources. Though Lovato says that his art is framed by “open-ended” symbolism, he describes his personal mythology and conceptual inspiration, saying, “I think [my artwork] represents big questions or ideas emerging from the surface of everyday materialistic existence (this may change slightly from piece to piece).”

Below, we asked Lovato to give quick summaries of certain pieces of his artwork, which are linked by a trend of geometric objets emerging from contorted figures.

Sacred house of a thousand asses (above) may seem a bit vile, but in its foundation lies a homage to the building blocks of nature, if you believe in the importance of sacred geometries. Lovato describes that the piece is, “supposed to be a humorous and sexual piece that represents the overall trippyness of reproduction and making new conscious beings. I made a big flower of life (a basic sacred geometric form) motif with overlapping circles via my compass, and all of the sudden i realized that I could turn it into a big pile of fat butts. I thought it was funny because “flower of life” and of course a bunch of lady asses and one with her legs spread showing her “flower” of life. Ha. The objects emerging from these figures are pyramids — cubes and spheres which are the basic ingredients for platonic geometric solids, or 3-dimensional sacred geometrical forms which follow a sort of fractal pattern as the shapes get more complicated. They would be squares, triangles, and circles if they where 2-D patterns.”

primordial Bubble gum (above) is also steeped in nature. About this piece, Lovato says, “… [The] defined shapes are emerging from out of the pink sludge and represent earth animal’s ascension from the primordial sludge of early evolutionary life. This amazing fact is now a background thought in our busy modern lives, but I find it amazing that we seperate ourselves mentally from the anarchistic reality of natures chaos and beauty, but we are merely Gaia bacterial children scurrying accross the face of a planet.”

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