This is an oldie but goodie from our back catalog.

Collages are a dime a dozen these days, with both digital collages and paper collages being artforms with teeny tiny learning curves. It seems that almost anyone can create a collage that looks half-decent; the tricky part lies in creating collages which harbor a distinctive style that helps them stand out from the rest.

L.A.-based artist Sonny Kay is perhaps best-known for his affiliation with world-class rockstars, The Mars Volta. Kay designs their graphics entirely and also serves as the Creative Director for Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Productions, the record label run by the vocalist of The Mars Volta. But album covers and music-related materials aside, Kay has a rich collection of semi-real digital collages few have seen. His collages are a hodge-podge of found images, sliced and diced together to create, in many cases, realities which could very well be plausible in another time and another place.

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