A lean little 4-track EP, Le Podium #1 is a workout routine in La Femme’s ability to genre-hop. EP opener, “Sur La Planche,” boasts French lyrics that translate to, “On a surf board /On the beach, on the wave, I’m searching for sensations /On a surfboard, in the tubes, I’m searching for sensations/ You better not try and stop me from riding that wave, I’m invincible/ If you dare push me in the tube, I will be waiting for you on the beach, on the wave.” Appropriately, the song is filled with surf rock guitar lines, and it shows off the band’s ability to tease, being covertly sexual whilst being playful.

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“Telegraphe”‘s driving rhythms and chaotic use of layered male-female vocals set the EP up to the be one burstng with dance rock, but such is not the case. “La Femme Ressort” is a visually-inspiring ditty that fills one’s head with stereotypically French imagery; it relies heavily on a repetitive piano chord throughout, but really shines in its last minute, where listeners find themselves awash in tingling synths. In “Francoise,” surf rock stylings are brought back, but on a subtle level. Maze-like synths descend into a cavernous fantasy world of echoes. And, with “Francoise” as the last track, a future of possibility opens up — one in which La Femme’s next output is greatly anticipated.

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