There is something magical to be said about a band that can simultaneously make you feel like a boat about to capsize and like the calm within a storm — simultaneously like god with ten outstretched, flailing arms, and like an isolated Buddhist monk. That’s Lightning Bolt.

Healthy Times Fun Club – Seattle, WA – 4 October 2011

Lightning Bolt’s live show is legendary, and it sells out venues around the country for damn good reason. At once pummeling and meditative, their basslines and echoing, distorted vocals do their part to worm into your brain while simultaneously making your body crave movement. The duality it makes apparent within yourself can be described simply as remarkable.

After the duo’s performance at Seattle’s DIY all-ages venue, Healthy Times Fun Club, where enthusiasm ran rampant and vibes begat positivity (in a way only all-ages venues can do), I concluded that it was one of the best shows that I’ve seen in the near past — one that was just as good when I was being sandwiched amidst brainless bobble dolls and dodging crowdsurfers, as it was when I was off in my own corner, next to a wall dripping with sweat, entranced by myself.

(A million pardons for the steamed-up photograph.)

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