The first time I heard Madeline was probably two years ago. With just one song, I knew that she had wooed me forever. Her voice was unmistakably tangible — in a day and age when good voices are plentiful and female singer-songwriters a drop in the bucket.

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Madeline’s latest album, Black Velvet, takes the Athens-based songstress in a million sonic directions, but the truth is that the instrumentation takes the backseat to Madeline as a musical being herself. With the confidence and grace of a well-seasoned theatre actress, Madeline steals the show with her vocal persona alone — quite a feat considering the nature of her creation. Throughout Black Velvet, her voice is a combination of gentle naivete and refined maturity; though light and full of Southern sweetness, it is surrounded by a gentle rasp that keeps at bay comparisons to songbirds or Belle And Sebastian cuteness. Madeline sings like the best female country vocalist without twang or formality; she is transparent without lacking edge, and the context within which she performs matters only slightly. Regardless of what topic is covered or what genre is represented, I can listen to Madeline sing all day, and I have been. Love upon first listen.

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