Opening December 8th at Gallery Hijinks (2309 Bryant St.) in San Francisco: works by Martin Machado and Todd Freeman. The show is entitled, As It Was Before, and has a focus on artists that “use nature and science to reinterpret memories, fables and story telling.”

Martin Machado

Evidently, Machado will be sharing works of “an Alaskan salmon fishing season,” but let’s take a look at some of his older pieces to get a sense of what just what he does. His paintings, which utilize gouache, oil, and watercolor, are often comprised of layers of fiberglass cloth and epoxy, which give the pieces a ghostly quality of transience.

Todd Freeman

As for Todd Freeman, hand-colored copper etchings and drawings recall illustrations from old science textbooks and children’s books. Set against cream and earth-colored paper, these brand new works feel like relics that one might find in an abandoned house that’s falling apart at the seams.

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