Godammit! Yet another kick-ass video from the ever-so-artistically-minded Mastodon. The original cover, which features the 3-dimensional wood-sculptured artwork of Portland-based artist AJ Fosik, is chopped up, mirrored many times over, and shot into outerspace. Expect our interview with AJ Fosik soon!

As for the track itself, Scott Kelly of Neurosis offers vocals once again. Says Kelly: “Mastodon approaches their sound honestly and from a mind at unity. I am honored to continue to be a part of their creative process, and to once again have the chance to join them on this expression that is undoubtedly their most adventurous work to date.”

Oh, right, and if you’re curious… some cosmic and far-out lyrics, below.


We trip the light
Firebird flies
Burn your inside
Given a lesson
The path I’ve shown
Follow all I know

Into the Spectralight
Into the afterlife

It came from the ocean
Gift from the sea
Lava forms the stone

Belief in power
Believe the truth
Trust your own truth

Into the Spectralight
Into the afterlife

You listen through the light
Tolling on the sea
Barren eyes behind you
Leave the shadows waking dreams

Rising through the door
Writing with a knife

Cut speech
Cut light
Cut chord and break the dawning wretch of silence

Trust your own truth
Souls of the fallen
Death of the Godhead
Listen and breathe

Into the Spectralight
Into the afterlife

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