“Summer Of Love” is one of the most compelling tracks on Prince Rama’s latest album, Trust Now, and this new music video feels revelatory, an Indian and Hare Krishna-inspired celebration of glitz and glamour.

Crafted completely by Prince Rama and with the help of close friends, this video begins slowly and ethereally but culminates in loosely symmetrical brilliance that some of their visual influences (see below) would probably be proud of. Most importantly, though, it captures the essence of the sisterly duo’s softness and decadent flair in a mere six minutes. “Summer Of Love” is probably their most impressive visual output yet, and is an important marker on their attempts to synthesize their music with their unique visual style.

Stay tuned for our interview with Prince Rama, which is coming before the end of the year!

Starring Melissa Huser and Prince Rama
Directed by Prince Rama
Shot by Ian Perlman
Edited by Prince Rama with technical assistance by Julian Bozeman
Post-production, special effects and titles by Julian Bozeman

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