SXSW 2011 was the first time REDEFINE has ever attempted to throw a SXSW event. We went big. We booked thirty amazing bands to play two stages at a 22-bedroom vegan co-op called House Of Commons. All party-attending patrons were treated to 3,000+ 16-ounce cans of beer, courtesy of Dos Equis. In short: a jolly good time!

Special thanks to our partners, Marjorie Owens of Clumsy N Shy and Gina Altamura, as well as our photographer Koury Angelo!

Our event officially began… late… and with a few cancellations. What we’ve learned is: getting bands to a noon o’ clock show during SXSW is quite difficult. And who can blame them, really?

Our DAY and NIGHT recaps, where it gets really crazy.

Dana Poblete of Batwings Catwings welcomes us.

Mike Garcia of House Of Commons is seriously one of the most amazing people we met on this trip. We could -not- have done it without him. The man is practically selfless. He gave up his room for us to store music gear and beers. Literally gave it up. Propped up his mattress, slept on the sofa… we owe Mike a world of thanks. Thanks, Mike!

We also owe Dana Vanderford, bartender extraordinaire, another world of thanks (it might be difficult to attain this many worlds of thanks). We truly could not have done it without her either, and she really knows how to extort a tip out of a show-going human!

Hand-written setlists? Yes!

Batwings Catwings lounging all pretty-like.

Prison might be a sitcom family in this picture.

Tôg making faces only a Norwegian mother can love.

Tarek Wegner of The Night Beats making faces, getting fed beer, kicking shit over…

REDEFINE staff in the hizouse! Staff writer Judy Nelson and Editor-in-Chief Vivian Hua.

A before and after of the inside (dining room to psychedelic rock stage)!

This guy is apparently photogenic. Or likes to take photos. In another life, he might be a Dos Equis model. He’s certainly having more fun than the guy directly behind him.

REDEFINE photographer Koury Angelo being all shadowy and photographer-y.

People, doing things.

No $300 ticket? In the end, we win.

Join us next year!

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