Shot by director Olaf Blomerus on a 7D with the Dynamic Perception MX2 DollyEngine, this video weaves a quilt from cityscape shots of Portugal.

According to, the video is a collection of time-lapse photographs made to look as though each shot was simultaneously sped-up and slowly panning: “The use of the dolly can be seen throughout almost the entire video is what gives the series of still photos the perception of movement.”

When Blomerus is not concentrating on the beauty of park benches or natural reflections in water, the presence of instruments as still life, with the occasional ghostly flicker of a band member, ties the video back to the fact that music is actually the centerpiece, not beautiful cinematography.

There are some ways in which the video becomes a bit slow and some more inventive editing certainly could have gone a long way. Nonetheless, still a great watch and a clever undertaking.

Directed by Olaf Blomerus;
Cinematography by Jess Blight.

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