These hypothetical structures are a combination of M.C. Escher, Mayan temples, labryinths, and 3-dimensional city maps; they’re a veritable Where’s Waldo of trip-outs for the eyeballs.

Here’s what artist John Borowicz had to say about the series:

“… the inspiration for the series probably came about from drawing with my oldest son who is now five – I found the freedom and sense of play in his drawings incredibly inspiring – so much of my work as an artist is based on direct observation or source material and not memory or imagination. I felt that I too should be able to work in a direct, almost primal way – without such a direct attachment to the observed world or the studio – just a pencil and paper. So I started as simply as I could. We had been building with blocks quite a bit so that’s what I started drawing. I just started piling up simple shapes – and kept going and going – and going.

The really great part of this is how completely it changed my approach – My new work has a massive human presence, but my one rule is to never look at the model or any source imagery. Relying only on my imagination has me drawing with the joy and freedom that I did when I was five – it doesn’t get any better than that. “

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