It’s that time for hot summer days with dips in the pool, ice cream treats and driving along the beach with your windows down. Go!

Clumsy N Shy is one amazing mixtape blog!

Curated by Marjorie Owens, of Clumsy N Shy


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  1. The Durutti Column – “Sketch For Summer”


  2. Moon Duo – “Mazes”


  3. Hazey Jane – “Swamps”


  4. Peaking Lights – “Birds Of Paradise” (Dub)


  5. The Black Roots Players – “Temp Dub”


  6. Craft Spells – “After The Moment”


  7. Tones On Tail – “Twist”


  8. Mtume – “Juicy Fruit”


  9. Beach Fossils – “Daydream”


  10. The Beach Boys – “Your Summer Dream”



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