Since she has a show at Bherd Studios tonight (8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1, Seattle, WA), it’s about time we draw some attention to the work of REDEFINE staff writer, Tessa Hulls!

The pieces here will not be the same as the ones in the show tonight, but they’re a part of an interesting series on migration and memory, in which Hulls visually documents nomadic characters within her memory.

To quote from her artist statement:

“As I started traversing the process of memory, I began to see forgetting as an active process. These funny little characters started sailing their tree-boats across my sketches, and I started thinking of them as memory nomads. In their world, which might also be our world, memories are made of finite material, and there is a limited amount of that material to go round. You can’t remember everything because the substance of your memories has to be recycled in order to make new memories. Think of a memory as a set for a play: the memory begins as something detailed and intricate, and these memory workers gradually dissemble that set. They take away a rug here, a chair there, until eventually all you’re left with is a sketch, a placeholder that recollects the entire scene.

These memory nomads are gypsies: they move in packs and have no real home. I’m not sure if they’re lonely, or if loneliness is something that really exists for them, but they do seem heavy from the weight of the memories in their care—to me, it’s as though they wandered into a dreamlike forest and never fully reemerged.”

Head over tonight from 6:00pm to 9:00pm to scope out her work!

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