On a recent trip to New York City, my friend had mentioned that Latin American families seem to bring their children just about everywhere to have a good time. Whether it be in a park at midnight or a used bookstore, it’s more the notion of family and celebrating togetherness than it is the context. Fun can be had anywhere, and this Twin Sister video certainly seems to capture that kind of phenomenon. Breaking pinatas, doing hair, having outdoor dance parties… Twin Sister can have fun whatever, whenever, however, and with plenty of kids in tow. Their own description on YouTube reads, “Shot at lead singer Andrea Estella’s family’s house in Long Island and populated by her bandmates, friends and family, the video is a genuine peek into one of the many worlds that have shaped Twin Sister’s wide ranging styles.”

Directed by Dan Devine, Produced by Daniel Gausman

“Bad Street” is from Twin Sister’s forthcoming debut album In Heaven out September 26th (Rest of the world) / September 27th (US) on Domino.”

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