Give me anything surrealistic that is remotely well-done, and I will accept! No complaints! That logic in mind, the video for When Saints Go Machine’s “Add Ends” is one I accept, without complaints. A little bit reminiscent of Tim Burton’s film Big Fish, this video similarly contains a central elderly male character, a variety of inexplicable characters — some obviously real and some questionably real — and an overall theme of following an individual towards the progression of death. My favorite parts are when the everything joins together into one big sonic-visual swirl!

The band’s description: “The first video from their gorgeous debut album Konkylie, When Saints Go Machine’s “Add Ends” video utilizes a dizzying mix of narrative styles, something like a heart felt, surrealist, sci-fi fantasy. Building from the visual of riding quickly through a hospital in a wheelchair (“an image both bound and boundless”), Director Dawn Carol Garcia delivers a collection of images as rich and nuanced as the music that inspired them.”

Directed by Dawn Carol Garcia.

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