This groovy YAWN video somehow has 11.2K views and probably doesn’t need our journalistic help whatsoever, buuuuut it needs to be written about anyway. For starters, the video tells you to: “give into the trance,” to “not be afraid,” to, “focus on the experience,” and beyond it all, they somehow managed to get a Vimeo video number of 12345380. While I realize that’s not nearly as amazing as 123456789, it certainly does make you think it’s headed in that direction, doesn’t it? And this might be bullshit, or it might not be, but that in itself is a little bit like this video. It makes you think it’s going somewhere — with a fake infomercial — and then it kaleidoscopes into neon-outlined men floating in space. I feel like these guys know about some cosmic stuff, whether they’re making light of it or not. Sign me up.