Sonia Levy’s homegrown video for Young Man (Colin Caulfield)’s “Five” captures the bittersweet blues of childhood that Young Man’s latest EP, Boy, revolve around Crystals grow and dissolve, and magic emerges and fades, without a trace, like memories.

Director – Sonia Levy
Assistant – Chloé Ballu
DP live action – Yvan Schreck
Photography crystals – Sonia Levy
AD – Lise Fischer
Compositors – Sonia Levy & Lise Fischer
Edit – Norman Thavaud & Sonia Levy
Producer – François-Pierre Clavel / Kidam
The boy – Oscar Perdereau
Record label – Kitchen Music / French Kiss
Special thanks – Eliza, Hélène & Albert Levy, Matthieu Botrel & Esther Pottier, Filip Tydén.