Top Pops! Beca, BE/\R//FVCE, Kirby Kaiser Bring Feminine Dreams

“Pop music shouldn’t always get a bad rap,” says Top Pops!, a recurring selection of pop music highlights across a selection of styles. Dreamy sounds get unique filters through the eyes of sensational pop artist Beca, indie R&B-influenced BE/\R//FVCE, and doo-wop youngster Kirby Kaiser.




Beca caught our eye earlier this year with her single and music video for “Fall Into Light” (see our interview with Beca and the music video directors).

The lady is now back with “Born To Fly”, which features sensual percussive rhythms that balance out breathy, feminine vocals, the combination of which lies somewhere between babymaking R&B material and water-cruising audio-oasis. Her upcoming EP of the same name will be released November 20th via This Is Music LTD.



Like a dubstep-influenced take on the indie R&B sounds of How To Dress Well, BE/\R//FVCE’s “Taste My Sad” certainly isn’t for everyone, but allures me with its calming nostalgic qualities and constant ebb and flow.


Kirby Kaiser

A laid back doo-wop ditty by 20-year-old Kirby Kaiser. Nothing much here save for dreamy ’50s harmonies, simplicity, and a focus on her soulful vocal qualities.


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