In talking about the intersection of art, media and music as we so often do at Redefine, there are few artists who truly embody those traits as much as the revered Brian Eno. The man who has been responsible for such landmark albums as Another Green World, Here Come The Warm Jets and his collaborative effort My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, is set to release his first solo album in over seven years. Lux is a four track, twelve segment ambient movement which is described by Eno as an extension of his previous ambient period “Music for Thinking,” which included the release of Discreet Music and Neroli. Set for release on Warp Records on November 13th, Lux is being described as sonically similar to Music for Films and Music for Airports, two of Eno’s more interesting movements. Only time will tell if Lux is truly “one of Eno’s most ambitious work’s to date,” but I have a feeling that’s not a phrase he uses lightly.

1. LUX 1 (19:22)
2. LUX 2 (18:14)
3. LUX 3 (19:19)
4. LUX 4 (18:28)

– Vinyl (Double 180g LP in gatefold sleeve with 4 x 300x300mm prints and download redemption code card)
– CD (CD in gatefold sleeve with 4 x 120x120mm prints)
– Download

LUX will be released in North America on November 13, 2012 (on CD and Download) and December 11, 2012 (on LP) on Warp Records.


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