Temporary Colors By Brice Bischoff + Clouded Rooms by Berndnaut Smilde and Ryan Hopkinson

Art expertly captured in the most fleeting of moments. European artists Berndnaut Smilde and Ryan Hopkinson manufacture weather for some truly awesome temporary installations.


Berndnaut Smilde

Hanging high up in the skies above us, we often forget that clouds are real things made out of materials and circumstances that are very much present in our daily lives. In his Nimbus series, Netherlands artist Berndnaut Smilde regulates temperatures and moisture in rooms to trap cloudy bodies within their walls. Truly a rare and appreciated sight and concept. You can see more unconventional works of art on his website.


Ryan Hopkinson

Apparently the schtick for UK artist Ryan Hopkinson is smoke and explosions. Not a bad schtick to have. In addition to rigging explosive charges to Valentine’s day heart bouquets and burning up men’s clothing, he has also created tornadoes out of artificial environments (quite similar to the Smilde’s clouds, indeed, though with more color).


Brice Bischoff

In this photo series set in The Bronson Caves in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, photographer Brice Bischoff waves large sheets of colored paper and captures them as spectres. The collection was initially projected to be a digital iPad photo book, and Bischoff has written a small accompanying essay about the series, which you can read on his website.


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