When I first listened to Cloud Control’s latest LP, Bliss Release, “Ghost Story” struck me immediately. As it isn’t an album single, I thought might be a good idea to feature it from a Lyrical Analysis standpoint. I offered up my interpretation of the lyrics to see if I hit or missed the mark, and vocalist and Alister Wright responded.

Evidently, I missed the mark. Big time.

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Conclusions that I can now draw about “Ghost Story”:

1) It might sound and feel dramatic, but it’s probably not what you’d think because it’s actually rooted in humor (this is the band’s opinion);

2) It’s probably the best track on the album (this is my opinion).

In light of this pretty fascinating Q&A, this piece is no longer a Lyrical Analysis piece, really, but an MP3 stream with some additional information from Wright. It’s hard to tell if he’s being completely irreverent, naively appreciative, or completely shocked that we individually-tailored questions for his band… I’ll let you decide, because I’m legitimately confused. Ah, email interviews.

Listen to Cloud Control’s “Ghost Story”

This song is entitled “Ghost Story”; it also feels like a dialogue between the human world and the spirit world. For example, lyrics like, “I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up/ I watched the time tick by but never stop,” feel like recanting of human experiences. They are followed up with lines like, “We are the protectors/ We are the soul collectors/ We follow solar vectors,” which feel more like declarations made by spirits who are speaking to humans. Is that an accurate interpretation, and if so, why did you choose to write the narrative in such a way?

I appreciate being asked a question by someone who has really thought about what they want to hear, you know? It’s rare that you get asked questions specifically tailored to your band let alone to an individual song. Even though I feel this way, I also feel like it would be reductive for me to tell you exactly what I was thinking when I wrote this. Your interpretation sounds very interesting, and I like it. Maybe that is more important. If I told you my interpretation yours would probably get lost a little bit and that’s not what I want.

Are there tales or direct experiences that inspired or helped shape this track?

Yeah, they are direct experiences that shaped the track. Probably not what you would expect though. You probably think listening to it that it was a dark experience but it was more hilarious. Turned out pretty dramatic, huh? But that is just the way things roll.


How does “Ghost Story” fit in with the arc of album, Bliss, as a whole?

Interesting to now think of the “arc of the album” because the songs were mixed and finished before there we could see any arc. It appeared when putting the tracks in order. Is this boring? Anway, we tend to just make things up as we go along. I read an interview with [Haruki] Murakami and he said that he doesn’t know where his books are leading until they get there, the book is finished when it feels finished. That is the kind of approach we take I think. A lot of people probably do this, and there’s nothing wrong with retrospectively justifying a piece of work, but I’m not really into that. Making Bliss Release was something like climbing a mountain in heavy fog because it was like working at something that you don’t know where the end is, but when you get there it’s pretty cool and you can’t go any further.

What inspired the name of the album?

A series of coincidences, and it felt right. “Bliss” is something of a joke term we have with a bunch of friends, we say it all the time whenever something great happens. Ulrich and Heidi’s Mum loves to suggest things for our band, and she suggested a bunch of titles one of them was Bliss Release. At first we thought it was stupid but the more we thought about it the more it seemed to fit. It’s about the process of creating the album and the process of creation in general. I feel like it denotes natural processes of tension and release. So many things. It’s vague enough to hold all the songs together but I think it gives them weight and meaning. I want to call all our albums Bliss Release.

Are there any images that you feel are a good representation of the visuals that pop into your head when you hear this song?

This is another ghost story. Very good one.

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