Krautrock blends with pop on “Rituals,” the single from Death and Vanilla’s upcoming self-titled album. The Swedish duo’s video begins with a masquerade party, lulling one into a Eyes Wide Shut-type scenario of magick and mystery. As the track then progresses and speeds up, viewers are invited to descend down a black and white tunnel of geometries and fast cuts before everything tapers out again into mellow vibes and a burst of color. All of the footage is taken from five different art house productions and then manipulated by the band. Films are credited below.

The band tells REDEFINE a little bit about the creative process behind “Rituals” and how that ties in with the video:

“Rituals” is a quite hypnotic track as are the films in the video. There is a still and slow melody over an underlying restless rythm that gives this kind of haunting feel to the song. But there is nothing scary about it; it is just rhythm that never come to a rest… The musical elements of Rituals are collages of rythms and sampled sounds that we’ve put together almost at random and the song just emerged by itself almost. It’s the case of pieces falling to place by themselves.

Derek Jarman : Art Of Mirrors (1973)
Harry Smith : Early Abstractions (1946-57)
Georges Franju : Judex (1963)
Aldo Tambellini : ?
Marcel Duchamp : Anemic Cinema (1926)

Information about the album release is below!

01. Rituals
02. Dreams Of Sheep
03. Cul De Sac
04. The Somnambulists
05. The Unseeing Eye
06. From Elsewhere
07. Library Goblin
08. The Clearing
09. The Unseeing I

Release date: Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
Limited editions of 300 copies in 12″ yellow coloured vinyl and 150 Digipack CDs
Co-release with Hands In The Dark and Kalligrammofon.

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