Embroidered Works: Shaun Kardinal, Erin Frost, Stacey Page, Jose Romussi, Peter Crawley

Coinciding with bright spring threads come a fascination with brightly-colored, geometrically-minded embroidered works! In this post, we examine works from artists who painstakingly thread through paper to vastly different ends.


Shaun Kardinal

This year, Seattle’s Shaun Kardinal has taken a bold leap from minimally embroidered postcards to more involved pieces set upon multi-layered collages. By reconstituting rare pages from 1950s LIFE magazines, Kardinal explains what he calls “a long-time fascination with radial compositions and mandalas” in his Connotations. Expect a joint interview between him and Erin Frost within the month.


Erin Frost

In her latest body of work, Alterations, Seattle-based model and artist Erin Frost has taken a collection of photographic prints and turned them into threaded webs that play on her “interest in triangles, repetition, and abstract pattern.”


Stacey Page

Under the fine sewing hand of Stacey Page, characters in vintage portraits become elaborately headdressed mythological gods. Expect a brief Q&A with her shortly about her elaborate craft.


Jose Romussi

Black-and-white vintage dancers receive colorbursts of treatment from Chilean artist Jose Romussi, to expand upon their already radiant qualities.

Peter Crawley

United Kingdom artist Peter Crawley gets highly conceptual and theoretical with his pieces — so much so, in fact, that choosing one to highlight easily becomes a most challenging task. For this post, his glow-in-the-dark tribute to the Fibonnacci sequence gets the light. Many more fascinations on his website.


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