Two Mile Hallow, NY
Sunset 7:22pm

Sometimes there are images that speak volumes despite their complexity of form, or even of concept. It seems photographer Eric Cahan gets around — and his minimal photographs of the sky, which document sunsets on the East Coast, West Coast, and locations in-between, present a spectrum of natural variety that defies expectation. Surely everyone knows that sunsets can be breath-taking, but when isolated sunsets are viewed with an entire collection of same-but-different relatives, they daintily scratch an itch you may have never noticed before.

Flying Point Beach, Southampton, NY
Sunset 7:51pm

Sea Cliff, San Francisco, CA
Sunrise 6:57am

Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, NY
Sunset 8:10pm

Palm Beach, FL
Sunrise 6:33am

San Paulo, Brazil
Sunrise 6:55am

Bridgehampton, NY
Sunset 7:48pm

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