In this post, diversity in musical form rules, as Constellation Records offers samples from their killer upcoming 3-disc vinyl collection, Musique Fragile Volume 02, and dälek of Anti-Social Music shares “Music For ASM”.



dälek’s “Music For ASM” splices together bits of classical, drone, and jazz into a slowly building and just minorly unsettling 17-minute collage. The track can be found alongside His Name Is Alive’s “After Devil’s Night” on Anti-Social Music’s confusingly named Anti-Social Music Sleeps Around — a two-track record limited to 400 copies on 180-gram vinyl. The record’s paperboard jacket sleeve also folds into a 3-dimensional cube, as pictured, which was designed by multimedia artist Scrapworm.


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Musique Fragile Mixtape

Musique Fragile Volume 02 is the second in Constellation Records’ series of limited edition box sets! Featuring three full-length albums by Kanada 70, Pacha, and Hangedup & Tony Conrad, on 180-gram vinyl! All the artists on this edition are prolific individuals, with a wide repertoire of influences that play into creating fascinating and globally-minded sound experiments that engage heavily with percussion. Listen to three tracks below on the mixtape, along with Pacha’s epic “L’Aeroport de Charlo”.

The collection comes as a a digital bundle or on heavyweight vinyl (limited to 500 hand-numbered copies with poster and screenprinted slipcover box, on three 180 gram discs). It comes out June 26th, and you can purchase it on the Constellation Records website.

Mad vocal dronings in this one, whoa.

See also: Hangedup and Tony Conrad: “Gentil The Unlucky Astronomer”


Kanada 70 is the home-recording project of Toronto’s Craig Dunsmuir (known for his work as one half of Glissandro 70 (with Sandro Perri) and as an encyclopedic musicologist on staff at Toronto’s Soundscapes). Vamp Ire spans a wide range of influences, from abstract techno, industrial and noise music to prog-rock, African funk, no wave and metal, and opens a compelling window to Craig’s subtle, introverted and brilliant sensibility.

Pacha is the work of prolific percussionist and composer Pierre-Guy Blanchard, a fixture of Montreal’s various experimental and folk music communities, whose drumming has graced albums by Black Ox Orkestar and Sam Shalabi’s Land of Kush. Affaires Étrangères, a product of Pierre-Guy’s deep commitment to the development of his craft paired with frequent voyages abroad, features intensely satisfying rhythm-heavy instrumentals often propelled by fried, amped-up Middle-Eastern synth lines and sprinkled with guitar, bass and oud along with the odd looped field recording. Think early Trans Am if they had come out of Cairo or Beirut, or Oneida in their motorik mode and with an Arabic pop fixation.

Hangedup & Tony Conrad‘s Transit Of Venus documents a fertile meeting of the legendary violin minimalist and one of the past decade’s finest instrumental punk bands. Tony Conrad needs no introduction, having made crucial contributions to avant-garde experimental film and sound since the 1960s. Hangedup – the Montréal duo of Eric Craven and Gen Heistek – released three searing albums of steam-engine percussion and layered, distorted, dive-bombing viola on Constellation in the early 2000s. Culled from recordings captured during various sessions as this trio prepared for a series of collaborative concerts in 2004, the album includes some enormous slabs of drone rock alongside more decomposed pieces and gorgeously gritty string duos.


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