There’s something about the Seattle water that breeds a polarizing beast with has two voices: one indie-woodsy crooning and one gritty, dirty growling. Our friends at the Emerald City’s Good To Die Records have just released a Summer 2012 compilation pimping Pacific Northwest bands we know and love. Though Good To Die’s roster is so small that the 13-track mixtape has some doubling up, it is full of heavy hitters that have really made themselves known on the local hard rock scene and beyond, including Absolute Monarchs, Sandrider, Dog Shredder and Monogamy Party, Deadkill, and Brokaw.

Stream and download the entire mixtape below, and it follows with special attention on two of the labels newest signees, who happen to be offering exclusives on this mixtape. From Portland comes the dapperly-dressed, anti-Bible-thumping Gaytheist, and the punishing and screeching Rabbits.



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Gaytheist @ Kenton Club, Portland
A member of the Reno band Elephant Rifle recently shared that Gaytheist stole the night at their show at The Know. On this mixtape, “Condemn The Condemners” comes from the Portland trio’s upcoming full-length Stealth Beats, which comes out on August 21st, and the video below shows some of Gaytheist’s queer (meaning: peculiar, as well as gay) charms.

Rabbits @ The Star Theatre
Sludge-punk confusion comes full force via Portland’s Rabbits, for whom online information is hard to come by.


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