By way of Seattle and San Diego, artist Ian Ferguson seems to finally have hit his artistic stride amidst the urban rawness of Chicago. This documentary takes a quick glance at the new direction of his works — with a special focus on large-scale works, paper cuts, and mixed media pieces that intricately render an array of subjects, including row homes, nature, basketball, nudity, geometry, and beards. The video piece captures Ferguson himself as well, as he rapidly gives descriptions of his self-crafted mythological universe and cycles around demonstrating hybrid martial/dance moves. It’s certainly refreshing to see that all of the eccentricities we captured in our previous interview with Ferguson are not only still present, but even more worthy of attention now.

“They’re Hermaphrodite cave-dwellers — male-female characters that have multiple chins and very distinct characteristics, like droopy eyes. Above all else, the Herms love three things: wine, cigarettes, and major corporations. At least, if those major corporations are Nike, Reebok, or their ultimate love, McDonald’s.”
Ian Ferguson, on his mythological characters, the Hermtroglodites aka Herms

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