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Giant Claw

Giant Claw’s limited edition 12″ will soon be released through Wool Recordings! For your easy listening enjoyment are four songs from release, now available digitally. More of their albums, complete with marvelous album cover artwork, are available on their Bandcamp.

For a four-dimensional experiment in listening amusement, take such amusingly-named tracks as “Hobo-Cop” and “Spirit Heal Me” and custom-tailor them to a narrative of your own choosing, as devised in your mind’s eye! The results are guaranteed to be cinematic in the most bizarre of ’80s-sci-fi-meets-stoner-late-night-TV ways.


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Four years after their last record, Paperwork, Chicago’s Volcano! are back with their third record, Piñata, coming out on June 12th on The Leaf Label. As usual, the dudes bring us a whole bunch of weird that is almost on the verge of unlistenable — as the self-titled album single might clue you into.

It only makes sense that a track named Piñata would be centered around a real-life piñata — but leave it to Volcano! to turn an innocent’ children’s game into something that is a mix of hilarious, disgusting, and quaint. This video is directed by Brian Cagle, who really executed a playful video with lipsyncing and clapping that one really strangely cannot get enough of.


Stream Pinata in its entirety


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