The nine-person Brooklyn disco band Midnight Magic have released a suite of materials in the past week, in celebration of their new EP, What The Eyes Can’t See, out today on Midnight Sun Sound! Included in this post are their new video for “Drop Me A Line,” a Holy Ghost! remix of the same track, and a catchy B-side single called “Psycho For Your Love.” RAWR.

What The Eyes Can’t See EP Tracklist
1. What The Eyes Can’t See
2. Heat
3. Julio
4. Calling Out
5. Psycho For Your Love (Bonus)
6. Magic Midnight (Bonus)

Listen to Holy Ghost!’s remix for Midnight Magic’s “Drop Me A Line”DOWNLOAD MP3

Listen to Midnight Magic’s “Psycho For Your Love”DOWNLOAD MP3


Download Midnight Magic Remix for Panama’s “Magic”


“Drop Me A Line” Music Video
These gals and guys are really taking the disco-space vibe and rolling with it, cheap green screen, bad dance moves, glitter, costumes, and all. Directed by Pilar Wiley.


Choice clips from Midnight Magic’s featured YouTube playlist! DISCO! (Sylvester) and a sick Herbie Hancock video for “Rockit.” Flailing mechanical limbs know what up.


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