In an industry full of people ready to jump ship to the latest fad, so deliriously sheeplike in their estranged convictions to remain the most unique, cutting edge and counter culture, it’s awfully refreshing to have artists like Monster Rally & RUMTUM remain so steadfast in their musical conviction.

On their second release this year, following the excellent debut collaboration MR&RT in February, these two worldly beat makers have once again come together to compose a collage of Caribbean aesthetics and hip-hop inspired beats. Coasting is a reference to both Ted Feighan and John Hasting, better known as Monster Rally and RUMTUM respectively, having moved to the west coast since last year. In comparison to MR&RT, Coasting reflects the hopeful nature involved in starting anew, presenting new ideas while refining the sound these two artists have become to well known for.

The album’s vinyl pressing is getting special treatment as well, involving equally worldly themes and images to mirror the album’s eclectic vibes. With one side of the 12” containing the six tracks, the back side of the record features a beautiful etching inspired by traditional Tibetan sand paintings known as Mandala. Set to ship the first week of December, this gorgeous vinyl printing is limited to a mere 250 copies, so pre-ordering now is a good idea. But for those less patient and a little more cash strapped, the digital version is available now on a name-your-own price-basis via Gold Robot Records.

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