miXendorp is the project of one man from the Netherlands, who’s dedicated to updating the blues for present times. His recent release on European label Black And Tan Records is prefaced with exciting potential: “The blues used to be party music; now it can be played again at the hippest modern parties, festival and clubs….. and still feel down home.”




miXendorp – Black And Tan Edits (2012)

miXendorp – blues + beat (2011)

The description for Black And Tan Edits reads a bit like an infomercial, and there are some cheese qualities here for sure. But the blues have been bastardized and neglected plenty in the present day, and these musical spins are at least unconventionally fun party music that remind one of the heyday of the genre.

miXendorp describes his mixes as “blues + beat”, and the combination is apt; he applies everything from house beats and new age percussion to classic singer-songwriter blues. Such modern day genre-mashing turns the blues into club-ready hits which feel so much like a merging of two worlds that it becomes important to remember that the originals are not relics of the past; they are in fact fairly recent, pulled from the past 14 years of releases by Black And Tan.

While remixes are everywhere these days, the combination miXendorp has chosen to blend with 2012’s Black And Tan Edits and 2011’s blues + beat stand quite apart from the ocean of others.


Doug MacLeod – “Devil Is Beating His Wife” (Live)

Big George Jackson – “Go For A Ride”


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